About Us

The activity of our company is in the field of fabric design, production of men’s and women’s clothing, scarves and shawls. Our team is very responsible and reliable. Our effort is to intelligently produce good works of art for all fields by knowing decorative visual elements and Iranian motifs. Relying on the rules of composition, concept and conveying the message (joy, excitement,…) products are produced. Our most important achievement is the creation of new works based on the ancient art and culture of Iran and its modern revision in the production of social clothes (coats, pants, shoes, coats, shawls and scarves, women’s abayas, vests). , men’s t-shirts, shawls and handkerchiefs). Our services and products are designed and produced according to the needs of the society and existing deficiencies. Fabrics are one of the primary and original products that are made using Iranian motifs, designs with old lines, original colors along with balance, movement, harmony and rhythm of the designs and then the product is produced. All these titles are suitable tools for making and producing beautiful and unique clothes for our customers. From the point of view of our company, clothing is a work of art in the field of painting, calligraphy, graphics, tiling, etc., which creates new and important products with a new idea along with research.